• To prepare students with practical skills/experience for their future employability.
  • Contributes towards the development of human capital,
  • To augment students’ theoretical knowledge
  • Promote work ethics in students
  • Encourages entrepreneurial skills in students

To achieve this objective, the Industrial Liaison Office shall engage in various activities that would enhance students’ practical activity that would enable them to marry theory and practise. The provision of relevant industrial training opportunities for the practical training of students therefore forms an essential part of the duties of the Industrial Liaison Office.

Vision & Mission of Industrial Liaison Office


To be recognized as a reputable technological institution, producing  high quality, career-focused, practically trained personnel for employability and national development .


To produce highly competent and career-focused high level human resource through practical training, skill acquisition and such other activities activities that shall serve to promote the objectives of the Polytechnic  in the areas of Applied Sciences and Technology, Commerce, and Engineering in close partnership with Industry.

Types of industrial Attachment Placement

ILOAIP– (ILO Industrial AttachmentPlacement), the ILO collaborates with some organizations and secures places forstudents to do their attachment

SAIP– (Self Aided Industrial AttachmentPlacement)- students secure places themselves which prepares them ahead of timeon how to search for jobs after school.