There is going to be an Orientation on Internship for BTech students on Saturday 2nd February at 9.00a.m. prompt.

Please try and attend all this important programme.

The programmes are:

  • BTech Accountancy
  • BTech Secretaryship & Management Studies
  • BTech Telecom Engineering
  • BTech Civil Engineering
  • BTech Mechanical Engineering
  • BTech Building Technology

Thank you.


Dora D


vivian nagadzi Posted on5:20 pm - 14th August 2019

When are our supervisors coming to assess b-tech students on internship?

Emmanuel Yaw Boateng Posted on4:21 pm - 6th January 2020

Please, I want to find out when will the internship letter for 2020 btech student will come out.

Esther Appenahier Posted on2:33 pm - 7th February 2020

Attachment letter

Jacob Posted on1:36 pm - 11th May 2020

Good afternoon, please I am a btech student and I am doing my attachment in a school but there is ban on schools and the school had ask me to stay home til schools reopen by the President of Ghana.
What should I do please?

Nancy Asante Posted on3:40 pm - 22nd May 2020

Good afternoon, please when are our supervisors coming to assess us(Btech students)